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How to choose a Wedding Videographer

Choosing the right videographer can feel overwhelming, so how do you do it? There are many different styles, personalities, experience levels, and prices in the wedding videography world. These films have evolved over the years and videographers offer a lot of unique approaches. Let's begin!

Videography Styles Before searching, think about your own style and what you would like your film to reflect. Wedding films lean towards either of these three styles. (sometimes a combination). 1. Fun / Quirky 2. Romantic / Emotive 3. Stylised / Fashion Neither style is better than the other, but just more suited to the right type of couple. Knowing the general vibes you want from your film will help you with your initial search. (There's actually a fourth style I didn't mention... but here it is (Boring/Stale/ Cringeworthy). Yes that style is out there and is making the rounds as in any profession. But don't feel disheartened in your search if you bump into these ones.)

Searching for Videographers To start off, lightly scroll through social media, directories, recommendations, and friend's wedding videos. Note down any that stand out, then continue to search on. Don't over think it, as you don't have to be a movie critic to know what looks good. This could take a couple hours, or a couple weeks, just go at your own pace and keep an open mind with what could work for you. Try to avoid too many tag lines like '30% Off Boookings!' or 'Photography Combo Special'. Discounts and specials are nice, but it can distract you on what's important... the art of the film. You're not buying a product, you're investing in a reflection of your day. Tip - Avoid large videography companies. I'm not just saying this to help the 'little-guy', but there is much less of a personal approach and the films will lack the love that should be put into them. This is due to the fact of the 'conveyor belt approach...' (hired videographer shoots, random editor edits, no consistency in work, etc.) Unfortunately there is less care. Individual filmmakers on the other hand feel a connection to their films. A lot more pride is taken with what they create, and believe me, when you film someone's wedding you feel very connected with the whole experience.

Choosing a Videographer Once you're happy with your research, narrow down at least 4 or 5 different videographers that really stand out to you. You're now ready to have a movie night with your fiancé! Grab a glass of wine and sit down on the couch with the laptop and watch at least two different films from each videographer. Make sure you watch all the way through. Yes, yes, I know it's a lot to watch, but trust me, this will really help concrete your thoughts on what you decide. As you watch each film, ask yourself the following questions - Did I enjoy watching these strangers getting married? - Did I connect with how it flowed? - Can I see myself and my fiancé in the film? - Do the vibes of the film match our personality? - Did anything feel forced or awkward? - Was I bored or engaged? - Did the filming 'look' amazing? These questions should help you realise which videographer's work most suits you.

Relating to a Videographer

So you love their work, but the next step is to make sure you like them.

The two people you're going to see the most during your day is your videographer and photographer, so its important to make sure they're good humans! Usually the sign of a good natured videographer is reflective in their work. Creating brilliant wedding films not only requires being good at wielding a camera, but also being present with the couple and generally being warm all round. Many videographers are more than happy to catch up for a coffee beforehand. Creating wedding films is an intimate art to create, so it's just as important for us that our couple's are in tune with our personalities. Tip - You also want to make sure they have similar vibes to your photographer. Those two will work together professionally, but it will make their jobs much more fun if they're on the same page.

What about Budget? Deciding on a level of investment towards a wedding film is completely unique to every couple's situation, and I respect that. But despite looking for the best 'deals', there's always a price difference for a reason. Chances are if you've found a videographer you really like, they won't have the cheap price tag on them. The $1,000 - $2,000 range looks like a bargain, but more often than not you won't exactly 'treasure' these films. You'll see a different league in the $3,000 - $5,000+ range for a reason. Don't make cuts on your videographer and photographer. Those two will have the biggest impact on how your day is remembered.

I've booked in my Videographer! If you're lucky enough to have locked in your favourite then well done! Availability books up quick, and many are booked out 1-2 years in advanced, so get in quick! If your decision is last minute, still enquire because you never know. From here your videographer will be opening communication with your photographer and other vendors to create a beautiful experience for you and your fiancé! As well as creating work you can be proud of. So get ready for an amazing film when you get back from your honeymoon! - Ben Jones

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