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$3,800 (inc GST)



- 4-5min Wedding Film


- 8-10min Extended Cut


- Vows Recording

- Speeches Recording


What's your approach on the day?

I like to be as unobtrusive as possible during organic moments, but I am also very present and will help guide you through things as the day unfolds.
I love interaction between yourselves and will help prompt you naturally. You'll never feel stuck or unsure of anything, and I also take great care in making sure you both look and feel great!

How long do you stay?

I do not put a time limit on this as I like to capture every aspect of the day. Of course it depends whats going on and what style wedding you have.
I'll be there capturing the anticipation as you get ready, all the way through to the antics on the dance floor!

Can we meet up first?

Absolutely! I always prefer to meet with my couples before making any commitment. It's important that I suit your wedding style and needs. Your photographer and videographer are the two people you'll see the most of, so it's important you're comfortable with them.

Do you record the speeches/vows?

Yes I do, but I do not add them to your film. Speeches and vows do not suit the style of wedding video I create, as I feel they can 'break' the mood I like to set. However, included in your package is a second film showcasing the vows at the ceremony and speeches at reception. These are bonus films I create so please note it is taken from one camera angle.

I'm self conscious about something, can I let you know?

Of course you should. Everyone is different and as much as I love my films to look natural its still good to know what angles you prefer and to keep an eye out for anything you're not too sure about.

How many videographers are there?

Just me. Some companies may have more, and that of course depends on the style they're going for, like multiple camera angles documenting the event as is. My style is intimate and natural, and I feel the best way is to avoid the 'movie-set' feel with the giant camera crew.

Do you offer discounts for weekday or off-peak weddings?

No. I don't offer any discounts for weekdays/off-peak, or offer any promotional pricing.
I understand the reasoning for this, however I strongly believe it is fair that each of my couples invest the same amount for their film, no matter what day their wedding falls on.