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  • What's your approach on the day?
    A wedding is an experience and something to be present with. My approach is to gently be a part of it all as I capture the intimate moments that unfold throughout your day. These are not always obvious moments, these are little, special moments. My priorities are not to film the group photos, staged cake cutting, or stiff portraits. My aim is to capture the little meaningful things that truly represent what the coming of two people is about. I want to capture Mum's tears as she watches you hug your sister while getting ready. I want to capture the flower girl looking up in awe as you patiently wait for your bride. I want to capture Dad's laugh, your daughter's giggle, your grandmas smile. Most importantly, I want to capture the mix of emotions you both experience throughout your day.
  • How long do you stay?
    I don't want your wedding time schedule to be dictated by how long I stay, this is why I don't set any hourly limit. I am flexible and will be there from the start of the day when you're excitedly getting ready, right up to some antics on the dance floor after formalities.
  • Can we meet up first?
    Absolutely! I always prefer to meet with my couples before making any commitment. It's important that I suit your wedding style and needs. Your photographer and videographer are the two people you'll see the most of, so it's important you're comfortable with them.
  • Do you record the speeches/vows?
    Yes I do, but I do not add them to your film. Speeches and vows do not suit the style of wedding video I create, as I feel they can 'break' the mood I like to set. However, included in your package is a video of your vows and speeches.
  • I'm self conscious about something, can I let you know?"
    Of course you should. Everyone is different and as much as I love my films to look natural its still good to know what angles you prefer and to keep an eye out for anything you're not too sure about.
  • How many videographers are there?
    Just me. Avoiding a big team of camera people is key to capturing the intimate and natural side of your wedding.
  • What is you approach on the day?
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