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Wedding Films captured with heart

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Lauren + Kurt
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Using beautifully filmed visuals to reflect the emotions of your day.


Hi all, I’m Ben, the guy behind the lens at Wildbird Films.


Simply put, I love filming people. I love exploring how purposefully captured visuals can evoke the heart of your day. I love the way light behaves through a lens, and how that can affect how you feel about an image. I love using colour, camera technique, and movement, to carefully craft the final reflection of you, your love, and your wedding. 


Of course I’ll be there to capture the actual wedding moments, but my real magic is capturing the little, quiet moments of your day that truly ignite the meaning behind the celebrations. 


With a calm, gentle approach, I enjoy being part of your day and witnessing everything unfold. I’ll spend time observing, but also guide and get involved with helping you seamlessly enjoy your day.


So with my lens inspired by the two of you coming together, let’s make that heartfelt magic happen!

- Ben


Kaitlyn + Kane

"Ben is a wonderful human, and an exceptionally talented videographer! We knew on the day that our wedding videos were going to be so special. And we were not wrong.

Ben allowed us to be ourselves during the whole day, and encouraged us to enjoy every moment as we wished. He would subtly prompt us with questions like what we loved most about each other, or played music in the background of our golden hour shoot so we could dance along if we wished, and then captured those moments so purely in the most breathtaking way.

Our organic interactions with our family, friends and each other, and the reactions throughout the day from our loved ones were so magical to watch, we can’t even describe how seeing the video for the first time made us feel. We highly recommend booking Ben for your wedding day, and you will get to relive it over and over and over with the amazing videos he creates."
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